Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Belated Happy Father's Day

...and why isn't there a Parent's Day?

Moose's parents are not together. They have been separated for more than half of the little man's life. They are two of the best parents that it has ever been my privilege to know.

Without any legal wrangling or court orders or even a whole lot of acrimony, they decide together what is best for the Moose. As any grandparent will tell you, it is VERY hard to stand back and keep your mouth shut. I manage to do this most of the time, no matter what my daughter says.

My son-in-law recently made a hard decision, one of those decisions that just rip your heart apart. In the end, though, he did what he knew was right for the little guy and I would like to publicly acknowledge his courage.

Thanks, dude. The Moose is learning how to be a man by watching you.


Crown Princess said...

Thanks mom for the support and thanks moose's dad.

Pamela said...

it is more than hard.. it is torture to stand back and not say anything sometimes.

grace said...

that must be hard but I am sure she is glad that you are there for them

Swampy said...

My lips are full of holes from biting them trying to keep my mouth shut.
Our kids survive in spite of us.

Sandy said...

Swampy, sometimes I think our kids survive TO spite us...lol

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