Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Army Wives - who knew?

I did not watch Army Wives last year. I tend to not watch shows that are hyped really hard on TV. This year, my husband and I did start watching at the beginning of the new season. It is an OK show - a little too soap-opera-y for my taste in nighttime TV - but OK.

Last night's episode? Rocked.

The premise? PFC overseas shoots bad guy, gets wounded, comes home as a hero. I have no problem with any of this.

The side story? Body remains identified as an MIA from the VietNam War and returned home, also as a hero. Still no problem.

The kicker? Hero #1 heaps all of the glory where it is truly deserved - directly on the shoulders of all of those unnamed and underappreciated people at JPAC (Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command). These are the guys who never give up. The guys who are determined to find, identify, and bring home each and every one of our heroes. Hero #1 last night was right - they will probably never get a medal. They certainly do deserve it.

Awesome episode.


nikki said...

My mom keeps on telling me to watch that show. Maybe I should.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

That was the first time I watched the show. Being a "The Unit" junkie, I also thought it was soap opera-ish. But the underlying message of who the "real" heroes are, was quite powerful and thought provoking.

Not sure I'll be watching anymore episodes, but that one was good.

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