Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Didn't Die

I apologize to all of my friends who have been wondering where the heck I've been and especially to my Fun Monday friends, whom I totally deserted!

I have no real excuse. I have not been sick, nor has anyone in my family. None of my dogs had any horrendous and/or amusing ailment. I have not discovered a cure for cancer nor have I devoted myself to caring for the poor and afflicted.

I have just been busy.

I'm not even sure what I have been busy with, but I have just been busy.

I am still working full time and discovering muscles that I am not sure that I have ever used. Shorty says they all used to work, but I just can't remember that far back.

My lovely daughter gave blood for the very first time a week ago tomorrow. Those of you who know Julie know what an amazing thing this was for my needle-phobic, keeping her own blood child. She did it so that her son would know that it was a good thing to do. She rocks.

I won a propane powered grill (3 burner grill plus a side burner) at a charity event for Relay for Life from the company for which I work. This was awesome because I gave away my husband's grill 2 years ago when I was going to buy him a new one for Father's Day. I bought tires instead. Oops.

Lil Man got his first swats at school for disobedience. We were so not proud.

We have not had any severe weather here unless you count the 60MPH+ straight line winds that came though on Saturday night. Yeah, the hanging plants turned themselves into missiles.

The transmission on my car died. It's a front wheel drive. I did not know how much of a difference that made. I do now. Waiting to see if the loan (hubby's MC as collateral) goes through. I wish I was kidding about that last part.

The electricity went out today while I was taking the Dingo's trivia contest. It really did. That's why my time was in excess of 1000 seconds. Honest.

All in all, a lovely mix of good and bad. I still just don't where the time went.


Kim said...

So glad you're back, and that nothing was wrong well except for the transmission and the weather and the electricity! : )

WT said...

Power outage, yeah sure. I bet you were looking stuff up and got sidetracked!

nikki said...

I was wondering where you were. Hope things get easier and that your car gets fixed soon.

New grills rock!

tiger lamb girl said...

Gah, sounds like you're having car troubles like me. I'll say a prayer your loan goes through. God is faithful, eh;).

He provided for me to have a car (mine was written off last week - it's now scrap) for the next 8 weeks....then we're off to the states for the summer. And I won't need a car while I'm out of country...so I don't have to worry about wheels until late August;). Yup - God is much better driver than me and I'm learning to trust His timing.

God bless, xo

Karmyn R said...

I figured you were just very busy with work and life!!

Robinella said...

Yep, sounds like life at it finest. Sorry about your car troubles. That is the worst for me. And once mine does something weird, I can never trust it again.

kitten said...

Glad to hear that you and yours are all well and good! I hear on life keeping you so busy you can't think straight!
Congrats to your daughter and to you winning the grill!
Hope to see ya soon.
I'm hosting this week's Fun Monday if you able to play!

Megnificent said...

I have to say that I disagree wholeheartedly with the swat situation. From what I understand it was blown WAY out of proportion, so don't be too terribly disappointed. :)

Wasn't that wind CRAZY? It literally moved our basketball goal across the driveway...and the base of it is FULL of water.

Sorry about your car. I hope to hear a happy update on it soon.

bichonpawz said...

Hope things are looking up soon....I'll say an extra prayer for you. I don't know where the time goes either!!

ChrisB said...

I have been wondering about you so glad to hear nothing is amiss~ well the car is not good news:( but Winning a grill is great :)

Sayre said...

Sounds like those weeks I have from time to time. All you can do is wait them out - eventually they end.

swampy said...

As my blogbud, Min, say, "Life Happens."
I've not had the time to blog lately either.

shuttle mom said...

You put by busy-ness to shame. Hope everything gets back on track quickly.
I read you often and wondered where you were hiding.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Life gets like that doesn't it? I haven't been around either. But like you, it's all for reasons that aren't nearly as bad as one's imagination can be. I've just been busy like you have. :)

I'm so glad you took a moment to post an update!

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