Sunday, December 1, 2013

Miserable Failure

I failed miserably at posting every day in November.  I was fairly successful, though, at being a good mom to a sick kid and a supportive spouse to a husband who had oral surgery.  Evidently, I cannot nurture people and blog at the same time.  All in all, though, I'll choose living people every time.

It is December now and I put up my tree today.  It is a new tree because last year my pre-lit tree lost 1/2 it's lights.  I really like my old tree.  I am sure that in time, I will like my new tree as well.  I am just not, as y'all know, a fan of change.

Change, however, is what makes growth.  As long as I continue to grow, I continue to live and I continue to learn.  It's all good.


Crown Princess said...

Yay for a new tree. New tree, new beginnings....nice!

Sayre said...

I didn't do as well in November as I'd hoped either. It did, however, get me to start writing again and I hope to continue with more frequent posts than I've been doing for a while.

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