Monday, May 21, 2012

Small Traditions

I think that the traditions that mean the most to me are the small ones - the ones that never even register as traditions.

I think of a story I heard a long time ago about a family trying to make memories for their daughter.  The dad worked.  The mom worked.  The family worked and had a nice little routine.  The mom and the dad saved and saved and saved until they could spend a weekend with their daughter making the memories that would stay with her forever.  They went out to breakfast, they went to an amusement park - you know, the one with the ears, they went out to dinner and then on Sunday they spent the day at the beach.  As they were heading home on Sunday evening, the dad said something about going to bed because the next day was a school day.

To his shock, the little girl started crying.  He asked why and she said that the weekend COULDN'T be over.  He tried to reason with her, saying that he knew it had been a wonderful weekend but that all good things had to come to an end.  She just kept crying, saying that the weekend couldn't be over.

The dad finally asked, "Why?" and the little girl responded, "Because we haven't been to the dump."

THAT was her best weekend memory - getting to go to the dump every weekend with her daddy after they finished the yard work.

So - what reminded me of this story?  This:

This is the sprinkler that my dad favored.  This is the sprinkler that I have in my backyard.  This is, I was laughingly told when she visited the other day, the sprinkler that my daughter has in her backyard.

Let's hear it for spontaneous memories and small traditions.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! When we broke up my parent's home after they died, everyone wanted the paper mache giraffe that stood by the door and looked out the window. They bought it on a trip to Mexico in the 60's and the running line was watch out-Jorge is always watching. My nephew got it in the drawing since everyone wanted it but the line still remains and we all look at giraffes fondly. Francie

Karmyn R said...

Great story. I am going to have to think about if we do anything like that - I'm sure we do.

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