Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun Monday - 5 of each

We headed down south for today's assignment. The lovely Georgia peaches would like to know this: List 5 things you are willing to spend your hard-earned cash on and 5 things you would rather steal (hypothetically of course) than waste your money on. (we already know doctors, insurance, and taxes are down right painful.)

The 5 things that I would, and do, willingly spend money are:
1. high thread count sheets
2. furniture
3. mayonnaise
4. education
5. shortbread cookies

My oldest sister bought my first set of good sheets when I was in high school. The longer I owned them and the more they were washed, the softer they got. It wasn't until I was in my forties that I started buying good sheets for myself. My husband was very happy.

My dad was a carpenter and I grew up with a love of wood (and a fear of the wrath that ensued from hammering a nail into the wall). I learned that wood lasts and that good furniture will serve not only you, but your kids. I am still using the bedroom furniture I bought back in the 70s. I am tired of looking at it but it is still in good shape.

My mom used Best Foods mayonnaise. We only bought Best Foods and if it was over .39 cents a jar, we did without. She was right.

My parents sent me to Catholic schools, for which I mentally thank them often. There is no price too large to pay for the love of learning that the nuns instilled in me. My daughter is continuing this tradition with her little man.

The last is just pure butter-laden selfishness. Walker shortbread cookies are a gift from the Scottish gods. I liked Lorna Doones when I was a child. I liked, and still like, Girl Scout Cookies shortbread cookies. I love Walker shortbread cookies. I cannot explain it. You just have to try them yourself.

Five things that I consider a total and absolute waste of money are:
1. expensive shampoos, etc.
2. tabloid papers
3. too many charities
4. lotteries
5. organic foods

When I was growing up, I used to use Joy dishwashing liquid on my hair. It always amused me when my mom's hairdressers would comment over and over again about what great shape my hair was in. I still believe that soap is pretty much just soap.

There is really no explanation needed for #2. I suppose you could count them as entertainment but I really think that mean-spirited entertainment is not.

I have a real problem with those charities who are so administration-heavy that very little of the donations go where they are supposed to go. I also have a problem with all of the high dollar advertising that is done supposedly for charity. I have charities that I have researched and believe in and donate cheerfully to. I just consider the rest a waste.

I play the lottery. I pretend to convince myself that for the price of $1.00, I get to be rich until I check the numbers and find out that I am, once again, a loser.

I just don't believe, or buy, the hype surrounding organic anything. I am a firm hater of bugs and a believer in better living through chemicals. Please do not inundate me with facts trying to change my mind. I will just have to publish my own facts repudiating yours.

Now, go check out the Georgia gals at In Good Company and have a spectacular week.


Molly said...

(Sandy, I love your your quote above the comment box.)

As I read your lists and other lists, I ponder, "Why some things were not included in my lists..." You mentioned shampoo and I might have included other expensive cosmetics too. Although I too support certain charities, I am extremely irritated when charities spend my donation on postage to solicit additional donations. I think an annual donation is enough.

Sayre said...

Like you, I have my own way of giving - either through organizations that I've worked with or researched or to individual people I see who are in need. I absolutely resent the others who barge into my life and time with phone calls and emails and snail mail - wasting money and resources to try and get some of mine. It irks me no end.

Phew... Had no idea I'd wind up on the soapbox this morning.

I agree with you on the sheets too. My brother had me bring him high thread-count sheets as wedding present to Korea as they didn't have the same kind of sheets there. Mom and I got him two sets so he's good to go for a while.

Jan n Jer said...

I was so confused about "high thread count sheets" I have sheets from years ago that are still so soft and they werent labled high thread count! When did it all change??? I think it has to do with the blend. I did hear that anything over 300 thread count is a waste of money! Is this all just a big hype??? makes me wonder!!!

Jill said...

I wish I knew about sheets, too. A lot of the 200 tc sheets we have are just not soft (almost 10 years old!), but my hubby says the brand new ones we bought for our girl's new bed at 200 tc are softer than our old ones. We did have an AWESOME soft blue set that my aunt bought, and apparently in some of my tossing and turning a couple of weeks ago, I pushed my foot right through the fitted sheet and tore a hole in it. They were the MOST used of our sheets. If they were clean, they were on the bed. I wish I knew exactly what they were and had bought 3 or 4 sets when we got married, but we didn't have the money. where do you get your sheets and what TC do you get? email me? jill dot shoemaker at gmail dot com!

Faye said...

Another endorsement for high thread count sheets! I must investigate as I need new. I hear you re furniture. When I first got my own living quarters, I bought really solid furniture and am still using it today. My tastes are a bit different from 40 years ago, but don't care enough to spend the money on new--too many places to see and things to enjoy for the same money. Even though I worked for a large agricultural organization I don't get all bent about organic foods. I just wash everything really well and don't stress over it. Better to eat lots of fruits and veggies even if they aren't totally chem free.

Georgia Girls said...

Love your list comments :) I share many of your items EXCEPT I grew up on Miracle Whip. We have both in the fridge cause Mr. B uses them for different things. I used to laugh when I would see the HUGE containers of Mayonnaise my s.i.l. would purchase at Costco 'cause they were cheaper there. Seriously, how fast can you use it up???
Having a daughter who is a hair designer, I tried one of her expensive shampoo/conditioners and I will never go back. It's incredible--only need a little so it lasts a long time.
Thanks for playing today :)

bermudabluez said...

I haven't played a Fun Monday in AGES!!! I agree with you on pretty much everything except I would add my dogs to the top list!!! My husband says they eat better than we do!! Secondly, I have to disagree about the hair stuff daughter is also a cosmetologist and I sure can tell the difference....I have this one hair spray....I simply cannot live without it!!! I hear ya about the shortbread!!

Pamela said...

I am not a mayo fan -- (oil & vinegar on my sandwiches) ... but I do use mayo on salads etc.
So, I was at Kar's this week and I made egg salad with her 50% less fat brand. One bite... and then dumped mine. It was a why bother.

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