Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where's the partridge?

Four years ago, before we even moved our house to the property where we are now, we planted a pear tree there. It is a hybrid with 3 different varieties of pear, self-pollinating, and it is supposed to grow almost anywhere.

I have a black thumb. This is a widely known fact among my friends and family. I once killed a cactus by giving it too much sun!

Anyway, the pear tree, in spite of me, grew. It grew and it grew. Every year after the first, it would have beautiful blossoms and then the winds would come. The blossoms would go. The tree would grow.

This year, the tree put forth new growth. It had beautiful blossoms and then the winds came. But this year, LOOK!

There are two beautiful buds and hopefully Moose will be able to eat a pear off the tree. He has been wanting to do that for the last 4 years.

I am so pleased.


Crown Princess said...

But did the wind take the partridge?? :)

Pamela said...


ha ha.
I love pears.
I'll get there before moose.

(ps. my dad and mom picked the pears green and sat them in the dark "fruit room" to ripen.)

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