Saturday, March 7, 2009

Abby's Mall

I love words. My daughter loves words. Her son loves words. We are also all sarcastic sons of guns and take great delight in other folks’ faux pas.

One of our local newscasters, several months ago, mentioned a HOOGE range fire. I love me a HOOGE anything and a new family favorite word was stolen. We had HOOGE problems, HOOGE fun, and HOOGE hips (trust me, these are genetic). We thought HOOGE was pretty much the hugest thing going.


I was watching the local news a couple of weeks ago and they were discussing the situation at the county jail in the neighboring state. There have been several escapes recently, deputies fired for selling contraband, and other various and sundry problems. The newscaster said the situation was pretty much just Abby’s Mall.

Abby’s Mall? Oh yeah, abysmal.

I love Abby’s Mall. Now whenever anything odd strikes my fancy, like when we saw the donation jar for the lady with kidney problems who is dying and wants help with her funral (sic) expenses, I just open a new store in Abby’s Mall.

Retail may be suffering in this country right now but, trust me, Abby’s Mall is healthy and thriving.


Sayre said...

Oh, the newsies are the worst with this stuff. E-legal instead of illegal. Nukular instead of nuclear. And because "official" people said it, it catches on like wildfire because people think they know what they're talking about. Abby's Mall made me laugh AND cry. I may have to move back to England where English is actually spoken.

Junebug said...


Pamela said...

A visiting preacher from Central America was visiting our friends church. He was really getting into the English and wanted even to read the announcements.

There was a special program coming up the following evening called:
UFOs. Do they really exist?

He said: You foes, do they really exist.

Career Guy said...

I haven't checked your blog in a long time. I see I've missed a lot. I love Abby's Mall! In one scripture reading at church there was a line that said, "...leading the ewes.." Of course the reader said '...leading the Ee- wees..."

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